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Marie Russ

Co-Founder of Torched Barre

At first glance my tall, lean build would have most believe I have always been physically active. Growing up in Sumter, SC, I began dance at the age of three. As a child, my passion for dance became my workout routine. When I began my freshman year at the University of South Carolina, my physical activity waned, but with much luck, I managed to avoid the dreaded freshman fifteen. My college years were such a wonderful experience and granted me the opportunity to join Delta Zeta Sorority, which is where I met my best friend, Lacy Carbone.
Fitness did not become a part of my life until Lacy opened the doors of Bikram Yoga Columbia in October 2012. After ending an engagement and making the move from North Carolina back to Columbia, I knew I needed something to bring me balance. Unsure of the whole fitness lifestyle, I went to my first Bikram Yoga class to simply support Lacy’s new business. I’m certain Lacy would echo the sentiment that no one thought I would every stick with yoga. However, it turned out that Bikram Yoga was the glue that helped me hold it all together; it brought me the sanity I was looking for, and as a bonus, got me into shape.
Before I knew it, Lacy had me taking my first barre class. Having grown up doing ballet, I instantly fell in love with this workout. I loved the small isometric movements and feeling my muscles shake! However, there was something missing- heat! Lacy and I realized that we were eager to create a workout that combined our love of barre and the heat. After conducting much research, participating in various trainings, years of experience taking barre and yoga classes, and spending countless hours writing and revising the curriculum, Torched Barre was born! I am confident in the ability of Torched Barre to transform the body- inside out, bones to skin, fingertips to toes!
I am a believer in the saying, “no grit, no pearl!” A pearl begins with a humble piece of grit. Grit is not only the nagging inside the oyster, but also in our lives; it is also what we need to make our own life pearls. Fitness used to be my grit. However, the healthy lifestyle I now lead, along with my mental and physical strength, is my pearl.
When I am not working as a curriculum consultant or working out, I love spending time with my family and friends, especially my niece and two godchildren.

Marie Russ is currently not instructing any classes.