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Monica Hurley

Inferno Hot Pilates Teacher, Torched Barre Trainee

I was introduced to Pilates in 2001, shortly after my daughter was born. I was intrigued by the apparatus used in a Pilates session, but I was more taken with the focus and concentration each session required. I soon discovered Pilates is something to be practiced over time, paying attention to detail and fundamentals with each class. I practiced Pilates for about one year, I decided to complete the required training to become a certified apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac) and mat Pilates Instructor. In 2005, I completed my training through the PhysicalMind Institute of New York with my home training studio being Personalized Pilates of Scottsdale, Arizona. I have since completed several Pilates related workshops including The Anatomy in Clay Course and am a member of The Pilates Method Alliance. I also attended the Inaugural Torched Barre Teacher Training in September of 2017 at Bikram Columbia
Our family moved to South Carolina from Arizona in 2005. My husband, Brian is from Columbia and we thought Columbia would be a great place to raise our children. I have taught Pilates since then in group settings and privately. When Lacy introduced Inferno Hot Pilates to her studio, I gave it a try. After trying a few classes, I decided to take the Inferno Hot Pilates Training. I have been a fan and student of Bikram Yoga Columbia since the doors opened and this was a great opportunity for me to become part of this awesome studio and staff!

Monica Hurley instructs the following:
  • Inferno Hot Pilates - 60 MINUTES
  • Using Pilates prin­ci­ples, Inferno Hot Pilates is a chal­leng­ing, full body, low impact, high inten­sity work­out. It is per­formed on a yoga mat at 95 degrees & 40% humidity. Hot Pilates strengthens mus­cles & burns fat - all with­out the pound­ing of a high impact work­out. It is designed for all fitness levels & is a great complement to your Bikram practice.

    Classes are NO additional cost to you. Bikram membership & packages are valid.