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Amy Requa

Torched Barre Instructor
As a person that needs and requires a good workout in order to function, I’ve always been accustomed to dedicating time to physical activity and thrive whether someone is barking demands or I’m pushing myself independently. I can honestly say I never imagined being the one leading a group of others. Over the past 20 years I have tried everything from marathon running, hiring a personal trainer, spin classes, strength training and every type of group fitness class out there. I love trying new things, with all kinds of people, in various locations. I also take my workouts very seriously. Time is precious and there’s nothing worse than finishing a workout and feeling like you could have been pushed a little more or maybe didn’t achieve that burn that you were hoping to.
My love of barre was unexpected. As a person with very little rhythm and no dance moves I had many assumptions about what a barre class would look like. In my mind I envisioned very thin women doing ballet inspired moves in leotards and tight buns in their hair. What I actually experienced was very much unexpected. It was a workout that integrated a lot of different movements using light weights for shaping your upper body, the barre itself as a tool or for balance, and incorporated great core work. I soon left my other gyms and joined a studio that was strictly barre and herein lies the problem. One gym and one style of workout. Committed as I can become I would go religiously for maximum results, but became bored and increasingly sore from overusing the same muscles. That’s when a good friend I met through attending barre classes, Marie, suggested I try Bikram yoga to complement barre classes. Hesitant and somewhat fearful of the heat, I was reluctant until I suffered a muscle pull and my doctor suggested trying yoga before taking the physical therapy route. After only a few classes I was feeling much better and soon noticed some changes in my body for the better.
When Lacy first mentioned the idea of merging postures from Bikram with the intense exercises of barre all in a heated room, I instantly knew this had the potential to be an amazing workout. After taking a couple classes I soon learned that not only was this a great workout, but challenging as well. Incorporating stretching between the postures helped improve my flexibility and also allows you to get the most out of the following exercise. I like to think my barre background is pretty extensive as I’ve tried all types of methods at various establishments and have been able to learn and master some of the most difficult postures. That being said, as a high school teacher I never envisioned myself taking on an additional role as barre instructor. In fact, after spending most of my days talking, teaching, and telling others what to do it was the last thing I wanted. One of the perks of taking a class was having someone guide you through the whole thing.
After completing the Inaugural Torched Barre Teacher Training back in September it really sparked my interest and I began to think this was an adventure I’d like to pursue. Two months later after taking a lot of classes, memorizing dialogue, trying to perfect cues, instruction and lots of practice I’m finally on the mic. I love watching people with varying levels of fitness abilities come together in a nonjudgmental place and push themselves with a common goal of improving overall health and wellness.

Amy Requa instructs the following:
  • Torched Hot Barre. Combines barre & yoga in a heated room. Ignites muscles & increases heart rate, torching calories. SHAPE, SWEAT, & STRETCH.
    ***PLEASE NOTE: when early cancelling a TORCHED class.***

    You will be charged a $10 late cancel fee for Torched scheduled classes that are not cancelled within 8 hours prior to class starting.

    Please email with any questions or concerns. We look seeing you soon.