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4715 Forest Drive • Columbia SC



Wendy Westmoreland

Bikram Yoga Teacher

My first Bikram yoga class was in Feb. 2002 and I was certified by Bikram June 2006. Yoga teaches me discipline, determination, concentration, faith, patience, strength, flexibility, balance (on and off the mat) … really, those are just other words for ‘awareness’. Yoga teaches me to breathe in what I need and breathe out what I don’t. I believe that all yoga is good, as long as you breathe – if you’re not breathing, you’re not doing yoga, you’re not living. I’m inspired by witnessing the healing powers in breath, both in myself and others. My hope is that all will realize their own power. I am honored and blessed to travel this path of self-realization with so many wonderful beings.

Wendy Westmoreland is currently not instructing any classes.