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4715 Forest Drive • Columbia SC



Annie Stoppelbein

Bikram Yoga Teacher
It was during my time at USC that I finally decided to make my health a priority. My severe anxiety and illnesses in my family drove me to seek out some kind of physical activity that I could love and maintain. In 2010, while visiting home in Charleston for Thanksgiving beak, a friend of my mother brought me to my first Bikram class. I left feeling six feet off the ground. Never had I been so thoroughly worked by a work out, I knew it was a step in the right direction. I went back several more times that break, and was sad to have to go back to Columbia where there was no studio. I continued to practice whenever I was home, or traveling, and even got to practice in Rome while studying abroad. I could not get enough. My anxieties were alleviated, my panic attacks gone, I lost weight, and felt amazing. The more I learned about the innumerable benefits, the more I enjoyed classes and the reliable consistency of the postures.
I was overjoyed to learn that Lacy would be opening a studio in Columbia. Practicing became an integral part of my everyday life, just as important to my routine as brushing my teeth. The more I practiced the more I came to know myself. I brought my friends and family, and told everyone I could about this amazing yoga I had found. I made the decision to become a teacher so that I would be able to help make Bikram yoga known to as many people as possible. I truly believe that it is a yoga for all. The Bikram Yoga Columbia community is so welcoming. They approach each class with strength, determination, and dedication. I could not be happier to watch each individual grow in their practice.

Annie Stoppelbein is currently not instructing any classes.