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4715 Forest Drive • Columbia SC



Crystal Cordoba

Bikram Yoga Teacher
Originally from the coast of downeast Maine, I have been a resident of South Carolina’s capital city since 2010. After suffering from a running injury in my home state during 2007, a coworker recommended Bikram yoga to me as a low-impact workout. The practice enticed me from day one because it truly serves its purpose as a moving meditation and full mind/body cleansing. Only a few months after becoming in love with this type of yoga, a series of circumstances required me to relocate to a different part of the state where there were no studios.Years passed, but I never forgot the sense of fulfillment that was rendered by my yoga practice. When Bikram Yoga Columbia opened in late 2012, I knew that my hot room affinity, while dormant for years, was waiting to be awakened once again. I gained an immediate sense of community at the studio and became even more enamored of the practice after completing a 60-day challenge in March of 2013.
It was truly the yoga challenge that altered my perception of myself and what my body was capable of doing. Incorporating yoga into my life with such frequency sounded daunting, but it changed my life completely. With the additional energy I gained, it seemed as if there were more hours in the day than when I did not make time to practice. I realized then that the exertion and focus I devoted on the mat was not only returned to me in kind, but manifested exponentially in other unexpected ways. Never before had I felt more clear-headed and balanced, my body was stronger, and I began to identify with a more compassionate sense of self.
My commitment to yoga was furthered after training for the Florida Regional USA Yoga Asana Championship in St. Augustine during January 2014. Once again, practicing with regularity and intention created something like a higher order shift within me, and I was determined to attend Bikram Yoga Teacher Training as soon as possible. I realized my goal to attend training and became a Bikram Teacher in June 2014. It is my great pleasure to serve as an ambassador of these asanas, and to improve the lives of others one breath at a time.

Crystal Cordoba is currently not instructing any classes.