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Amy Clement

My first experience with Bikram Yoga was in Fall 2001 when a good friend asked me to join her for a class. For over 6 years, I struggled with complications from knee surgery & when my friend told me about the healing benefits of Bikram Yoga, my curiosity was piqued; I was desperate to find a way to heal my knees & stop the medication I had been taking. At that point, I had nothing to lose & I eagerly joined her for class. I had never taken a yoga class before & my friend was surprised when I practiced all 26 postures! By no means were they pretty, but the experience of my first class was incredible. It is the feeling my body had at the end of the first class that kept enticing me to return to the studio day after day after day. Within a matter of months, my knees started healing & I stopped taking medication. As a result of my consistent practice of Bikram Yoga, my knees have been almost pain free for the last 10 years! Early on in my Bigram Yoga practice, I had a feeling that my journey might someday lead me to Teacher Training, which I successfully completed in Spring 2012. I am blessed to be a part of this great community & appreciate the opportunity to share this yoga & its health benefits, as well as encourage students in their own journey with Bikram Yoga.

Amy Clement is currently not instructing any classes.